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Say You'll Be Nine - Paperback

Say You'll Be Nine - Paperback

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Anyone will tell you; Cooper Heath isn’t much of a build-it-yourself kinda guy.

I’ve been way too busy trying to turn my Hollywood dreams into a career—while simultaneously trying to keep my family afloat when my twin brother’s medical bills keep threatening to sink us—to ever strap on a tool belt.

But when Jacks needs a treatment I can’t afford, I’m willing to take just about any role that comes my way…

Even if it means spending an entire summer posing as the fake boyfriend of an up-and-coming YouTube renovation expert while we renovate a dilapidated cabin in front of the cameras.

Even if it means we’re sharing one tiny bed in one very tiny RV.

Even though I quickly find myself falling for my sweet, strong, sexy, stubborn, and oh-so-silent costar.

Because in a world of social media filters and fair-weather followers, Isaac “Nine” Winshed is something special, someone real. He’s strong, and honest, and kind, and so incredibly… genuine.

And when our summer is over, I’m left with an impossible choice: leave Nine behind for the life I always wanted or build a new life with him… together.

Say You'll Be Nine is a standalone novel. The cover was changed in 2023.



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